Rules for The Place To Chat

 1. Respect All Staff And Chatters
 2. Flooding/DDOS/Join-Flooding Is Prohibited [Will Result In Ban]
 3. Do Not Act As A Staff Member Unless You Are, [Helping Users Is Fine, Dont State that Your a Staff member]
 4. Unauthorized Attempts To Use /Oper Command Will Result In A removal or ban.
 5. Disrespecting Staff Will Not Be Tolerated, You Will Be Given A Warning Followed By Being Kicked From The Chat Site [Continued Behavior Will Result In Ban]
 6. Threats Of Any Sort Towards Staff Or Chatters Will Result In A 10 Day Ban From Entire Chat
 7. inappropriate nick names/chat names/ room names, are subject to forced changing or room closure, continued behavior may result in a server ban.
8. Do Not advertise other chat sites/messengers not related to one of the linked servers of The Place To Chat. (The Place To Chat   or  Konnect IRC)
9. Have Fun Chat Nice


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Wonderful Chat Service

-IRC Chat Service

How To Connect

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Our users love chatting with us and meeting new people come check us out!

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